While I've never had any formal education for programming, I've always enjoyed the challenge of building something from nothing. Even now, I work on various programming challenges for 5-10 hours a week. In addition, I've helped mentor many as they embark on their programming journey. They say the best way to command mastery of a skill is to teach it! So I sometimes give it a try...


I have spoken on topics such as entreprenuership, fund raising, social growth, global communities, and much more. My unique perspective has allowed me to engage with audiences across America and other parts of the world. If you'd like me to speak at an event, please fill out the form at the bottom and someone will get back to you as soon as possible.


I love to travel. I grew up traveling a fair amount and try to continue to do so with friends and family. There is nothing quite like discovering this beautiful planet we all-too-often take for granted. If you have any recommendations, let me know! I always have my GoPros in hand...

Building Communities

Whether it be online communities or communities in the physical world, I have always enjoyed imagining how we could improve the way we live. I am in the very beginning phases of a very long term project for this. More information may be announced late 2015 or early 2016. Stay tuned!


  • 2005
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    For more details on each, please feel free to visit my LinkedIn profile listed above.

  • Co-Founded TheOpenTable

    July 2005 - July 2011

    The Open Table is a non-profit that helps individuals and families get back on their feet and out of poverty. Although not still directly involved, I enjoy staying up to date on the various happenings and thinking about how I might be able to further the efforts in the future.

  • JomSocial

    November 2007 - May 2010

    JomSocial is the leading community software for Joomla! It now powers more than 160,000+ online communities and continues to grow everyday.

  • Bank of America - Global Leader Intern

    May 2008 - September 2008

    Working with Bank of America with regard to community involvement and outreach. I spent a lot of time working with improving local Boy and Girl Clubs of America and 2 weeks in Washington DC with other Global Student Leaders.

  • KickStarter

    June 2010 - present

    Proud supporter of 60 KickStarter projects and always growing. In addition to backing various KickStarter projects, I have advised many on how to build crowd sourced campaigns for maximum reach and money raise. Will finally be launching some projects of my own in the next year or two!

  • 2011
  • Founded MySocialCloud.com

    May 2011 - February 2013

    Created a company designed to provide single sign-on capability for users that access multiple websites. My role has included development of the concept, design of the end user application, creation of the business plan and leading a team of application developers through final product development. Secured $1M investment from Sir Richard Branson, Jerry Murdock, and Alex Welch to get the company started. After 18 months we built MySocialCloud.com into a valuable company that was then acquired by Reputation.com in February 2013.

  • Invested In FreeBike Project

    February 2013

    FreeBike Project offers students a sustainable and healthy transportation alternative while giving companies a great way to connect and engage with the college market. Not only do I believe in the innovative advertising approach but I believe this team will be able to execute the vision over the long term.

  • Joined FreeBike Project Team

    July 2013 - present

    20 Schools. 300 Bikes. 10+ Sponsors. Investment from Tim Draper. We are just getting started...

  • 2014


Below are a few of the projects I am directly involved in. I have been working on a range of projects that include everything from big data to smart cities. More to come soon!

  • FreeBike Project

    FreeBike Project, Inc.

    Giving students a great transportation option while increasing brand awareness.

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  • MySocialCloud


    Helping you secure usernames and password for a safer online experience.

    Acquired in 2013 by Reputation.com .

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  • KickStarter


    Backing KickStarter projects is a fun thing I do in my spare time. So many great ideas and many of them go on to push boundaries in ways I could have never imagined!

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I, like most people these days, have email overload happening 24/7. I do my very best to get back to everyone in a timely manner but cannot make any guarantees. While I do encourage people to reach out to me and I enjoy hearing from everyone, if you are trying to get a business idea in front of me, your best bet is to find someone who can make an introduction.

P.S. I listed my address below because if you write me a letter, you'll get a response!

6929 N Hayden Road #404

Scottsdale, AZ 85250

Mobile: +1 (626) 692-5683